Personal Summary

Goal-oriented with a passion for achieving a great production and a satisfied client.
20 yrs knowledge in all aspects of film and video production.
Genuine desire to do the best work and will do what it takes to get the shot.
TAF/TP Member
Worked as senior staff Director of Photography for two of the oldest production houses in DFW.
Member of Professional Advisory Board for Media Tech Institute Dallas.
Cable Ace recipient
Fun to work with! No attitudes here.

Production Skills

Experienced in the operation of cameras, 16 & 35 mm, and HD Camera systems
Directed, DP and Gaffed on a wide variety of film and video projects, EFP, ENG, Studio, locations, Reality, Multi-cam and numerous interview situations.
Dealt with clients directly in many of their production experiences. “Good and bad” Successfully handled from script to screen, corporate image pieces, music videos, industrials, and national and local commercials.
Shot for numerous Networks on broadcast programs.
Supervised crews, scheduling and hirering, large and small crews.
Respected relationships with area equipment rental houses.
Skilled in the importance of time management and teamwork when managing production crews.
Good problem solver, fast worker, and able to adapt to any budget.

Production Equipment Skills

35mm and 16mm Arriflex camera systems
HD Camera systems
Working knowledge of Gaffing and lighting equipment
Dollies, Jibs, Tele-Prompter, Field Audio

Specialty Shooting

Car mounts and Process Trailer
High Profile Talent
Extreme industrial settings
Unique camera accessories
Reality TV
Styled Food, Children, animals and CEO’s!
Owner of 2 Sony EX-3 tapeless SxS HD cameras systems.
And Sony PMW F-3, PL/Nikon Lens mount Super 35 HD Camera.